Why Choose Cartier Language School?

What makes Cartier Language School stand out above all the other language schools in Ottawa?


  • We provide a customized, personalized approach to language training in Ottawa – not “off the shelf and out of the box” modules.


  • Your specific linguistic needs are assessed up front, so that we can provide a tailor-made solution that is aligned with your professional and personal goals.


  • Cartier Language School has detailed knowledge and understanding of Canada’s Public Service Commission (PSC) exams and our programs are designed to align with PSC standards.


  • We understand and apply the proven principles of adult learning.


  • Our language training programs are of extremely high quality and based on industry best practice.


  • We believe in a results-oriented approach: goals are identified and learning is sustained.


  • Group classes can be conveniently offered in your office environment.


  • Class sizes are small, meaning all participants receive dedicated focus and attention from instructors.


  • Learning is provided in a supportive, interactive environment that encourages active participation for best results.


  • Part time language classes are available during evenings and weekends.


  • Our rates are competitive and all of our programs provide excellent value for the dollar.


  • We care about your needs and we care about your success.