About Cartier Language School

Cartier Language School – French language training in Ottawa

So. You’re ready to learn a new language.  Where do you begin?

Step One is to identify what’s important to you and what you’re looking for when it comes to language training. Here’s what our clients tell us they found with Cartier Language School.

  • A successful school with a proven track record
  • A supportive learning environment
  • Programs that focus on building confidence in language conversation
  • Small class sizes
  • Individualized learning plans with clear and achievable outcomes
  • Professional, dedicated instructors
  • Enjoyable and dynamic classes
  • Flexible hours – nights and weekends


Step Two is to find a language training program that meets your needs.

Cartier Language School provides a wide range of French language training programs customized for Canadian federal government employees – at levels BBB, CCC, CBC and ECE (exempt).

You can take advantage of our full-time program or choose from any number of part-time courses and workshops. We also offer one-on-one individualized coaching. For your convenience, all language training programs are offered right in your workplace.

Our programs give you the skills you need to integrate your new language into practical, real-life situations. You can confidently use what you’ve learned on the very first day back in the office.

We use innovative and engaging communication approaches based on individual learning styles and designed with your unique needs in mind.

All Cartier Language School programs effectively combine proven adult learning principles with our own creative proprietary techniques.

We are very proud of our teaching staff and the outstanding success rate of our students.  Our experienced teachers truly care about your success.


Step Three is to contact us for more information.