Our Methodology

Focus on adult learning

All of Cartier’s language training courses are designed with the adult learner in mind. We believe that the rules of language make sense only when they’re placed in a meaningful context that resonates with the learner. With this in mind, our courses are built on the fundamental principles of adult learning.


Adult learners are self-directed

  • As a self-motivated professional, you take responsibility for your own learning. Our courses encourage your participation in a non-judgmental, collaborative environment that’s built on trust and mutual respect.


Adults recognize why learning is important

  • We understand  that you learn best when can apply new information in a setting that’s  relevant to you. Our courses focus on practical applications and problem-solving, to connect your learning with real-life situations – both professional and personal.

There is no “right” way to learn.

  • We acknowledge and respect the many ways that adults learn. Our language training programs use a wide variety of approaches and tools designed to maximize your strengths and build your confidence.


The adult learner has an established sense of “self.”

  • We understand that you can learn best when new information relates in a meaningful way to your previous knowledge and life experience.


Continued learning is goal-oriented.

  • Cartier Language School aligns your learning objectives with your individual goals and provide personalized, meaningful and tangible milestones to measure your success.


We specialize in language training for federal government employees. We also offer English-language training for international students, with a homestay option.